RLC Core Values

RLC Core Values


The Restoration Life Center is a 501c3 non-profit community and global outreach organization. Our ultimate purpose is to provide a safe and caring atmosphere through holistic programming that will bring healing and restoration to our clients.

The Importance of Faith

We believe that God can forgive, cleanse, and transform people so that they can discover and follow His plan for their lives. In all we do, we seek to speak the truth in love and to demonstrate God’s love on all occasions by our actions.

Racial Diversity and Justice

We do not discriminate because of age, gender, social-economic status, or ethnicity, and believe that every people group has equal value and worth, and the right to be treated fair, equal, and just.


We promote personal responsibility by teaching biblical principals and equipping individuals with practical life skills. Organizationally, we are committed to a continual improvement process.


The core embodiment of our organization is to provide loving concern for clients in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. We encourage our clients by addressing their practical, emotional and spiritual needs with honesty, empathy, and unconditional love. Our organizational focus is to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


We pledge to interact with honesty without compromising the truth to empower women to make informed life changing decisions.


We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients. We serve them by providing confidential services. We are committed to support each client by coming alongside them in friendship to see the possibilities and opportunities God has for them and their families.


We are committed to building an atmosphere where authentic trust can be cultivated and honored. Everything that is done in our small group settings is held to the utmost confidentiality and integrity.


We are committed to giving honest feedback and to hold our clients to the utmost integrity always with the purpose of bringing restoration and healing into their brokenness. We are responsible for our actions and the lives that it will influence in our organization.

Servant Leadership

We are committed to equipping our leadership team with the skills and best practice trainings for serving our clients with the utmost respect, honor, and dignity possible.

Value & Worth

We esteem and see the value and worth in all our clients in spite of wrong choices and/or decisions they may have made, and endeavor to embrace them void of judgments and/or making them feel marginalized.


  • Food, shelter, and access to health care
  • Physical and emotional safety
  • Economic self-sufficiency
  • Workplace equality
  • A voice in policy
  • A supportive and caring community