Statement of Understanding

Statement of Understanding

1. I understand every attempt will be made to provide a safe and confidential environment in this class, even though it cannot be absolutely guaranteed in a group setting.

  • I realize the group facilitator cannot control the actions of others in the group.
  • I understand I am to keep confidentiality within my small group. I will not discuss personal details of anyone in my group or any conversations that transpire in my group with the large group or outside of class. This is especially important to the integrity of the small group.
  • I realize the leadership team shares information about the members, but communication is kept confidential among the leadership team.

2. I understand the small group leaders are morally and ethically obligated to discuss with the class facilitator observation of any of the following behaviors necessitating possible intervention:

  • I communicate an intention to harm myself.
  • I communicate an intention to harm another person.
  • I reveal ongoing physical or sexual abuse.
  • I communicate an intention of committing a felony.
  • I exhibit an impaired mental state.

3. I have been advised of possible interventions as a result of communicating the above types of information. Such interventions may include, but not be limited to, reports that will be made to the proper authorities such as the police, Suicide Prevention Unit, and Children’s Protective Services, as well as any potential victims.

4. I understand the leadership will make every effort to find additional help for me if my needs prove to be too great for the resources of this group.

5. I understand this is a Christ-centered group which integrates recovery tools with the Bible and prayer, and the participants may not be of my particular church background. I realize the Bible may be discussed more or less than I would like it to be.

6. I realize this is a Bible study and support group, not a therapy group. I understand the small group leader is qualified by leadership training to be a support group facilitator and is not functioning in the role of psychotherapist. The leader’s role in this group is to create a safe environment where healing may occur, to support my personal work towards recovery, and to share their own experience, strength, and hope.